Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene

We propose as a permanent platform to make the most of the research findings and the accumulated experience of over 40 years of activity in the fields of occupational, environmental and social medicine



To promote a scientific approach to determine sustainable models with the aim of improving the quality of life and work
Company Objectives:

  • to continue to improve procedures, methods and operative interventions
  • to supply clients with efficient service carried out through innovative methodologies by personnel with a high level of expertise using research tools in collaboration with Department of Biomedicine and Prevention at the University of Rome Tor Vergata


Antonio Bergamaschi
Scientific Advisor

Maria Cristina Cappelletti
Quality Manager

Cinzia Fulvi
Executive Assistant

Danilo De Angelis
Technical Manager

Vittoria Morandi
Administrative Assistant

Fabrizia Tarantino

Monica Colacena

Chiara Di Battista
Instrumentation and Logistics

Maurizio Parrella
Industrial Hygiene Technician

Damiano Toni
Industrial Hygiene Technician

Silvia Capolongo
Industrial Hygiene Technician

Sabrina Giffi
Laboratory Technician

Paolo Ceccarelli
Laboratory Technician

Marzia Decinti
Occupational Physician

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