Works of Bernardino Ramazzini

In 1700 Ramazzini published his most famous work, “De Morbis Artificum Diatribe”, which was presented again and expanded in 1713.

His work is a compilation of his clinical, social and "epidemiological" observations in which the majority of diseases related to work activities were systematized.

For this reason Ramazzini is widely considered the "Father of Occupational Medicine".

In 1710 "Health of the Princes" was published; here the author talks about the influence of the "way of life" referring to the psychophysical state of the prince (and broadly referred to as people of a higher social class).

The precepts about prevention to preserve health follow the assessment of individual risk factors.

In 1714 “Notes on Treatment and the Benefits of a Sober Life,” written by Alvise Cornaro in 1558 was released.

The message Ramazzini gives us regarding the moderation of the intake of food must be seen as a precondition for health and longevity, as it may eliminate the need for doctors and medicines.

In Modena, and later in Padua, Ramazzini read the inaugural prayers (the opening ceremonies held at the beginning of various academic years), which were published in their entirety only after his death. These are rich both in thought and in doctrine and deal with important issues of public health.

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