Occupational Medicine

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Occupational Medicine is a branch of medicine dealing with the improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace.

In order to ensure success, there must be a complex process which utilizes elements of an organizational, environmental and relational nature in order to apply and implement the existing relevant legislation. We also promote the awareness of health and safety in work environments through the analysis and understanding of risk factors, as well as through the development of previous measures for occupational hazards and illnesses

We relies on a competent and professional staff to carry out the following activities:

  • Health Surveillance in compliance with the dictates of legislation, including physical examinations supplemented by specialist visits integrated with the execution of any clinical and instrumental investigations, the development of medical protocols and the assessment of the level of fitness;
  • Toxicology for advice on the effects of exposure to xenobiotics, the study of the toxico-kinetics and toxico-dynamics of substances with extremely limited toxicological information, excelling in the study of engineered and incidental nanoparticles, of endocrine disrupters and immuno-toxicology;
  • Training and information on the main risk factors in the workplace, aimed at various actors involved in the protection of workers’ health and safety.
  • BLS courses
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